Lost the cup broken hearts :(..but cheer up :D because...

Pakistan lost by 29 runs on 31st March 2011 in the semi finals, millions of broken hearts after hearing the news BUT why worry? We should be proud because:
  • Our team was involved in numerous scandals(spot fixing etc) before a few months of the world cup, but still had an outstanding performance till the semi finals
  • We salute Shahid Afridi . Under his captaincy, we defeated Australia and West Indies by great margins.
  • Our team had no captain decided when they departed from their home country and still Shahid managed the team
  •  Pakistans Anthem played on Indian ground as our team took us to the Semi Finals
  • Alot of pressure on team, politics involved,still unexpectedly went a lot forward
  • The best part, when i went for the match, i couldnt find any sindhis, balochis, pathans and punjabis as everyone was united and were ALL PAKISTANIS watching Pakistans match :)
So a great applause for our cricket team !
We are proud of you..Hopes for the next cup. Keep UP THE BOOM BOOM

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