Teenagers tortured to death in Sialkot

Image credit: blogs.tribune
Two innocent brothers were brutally beaten to death in public, in the presence of police yesterday following a brawl at a cricket match.The painful scene was caught on camera and released on private TV channels, showed both the brothers being tortured.The police and the people in the scene did not dare to stop the beasts torturing the young souls.
The incident did not take place in a backward area, but took place in a civilized city.
Unfortunately, our entire nation including my self have lost our moral values. We used to watch in movies where people were tortured by the bad guys and the public shown did not do anything or stop the bad guys until a hero appeared and saved the scene but in this case or in real life there is no hero who could have stopped this horrible scene.

However its an appeal to the Govt of Pakistan to provide justice and punish the murderers in the same way so that anyone does not dare to commit such a crime again.

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