Twin Blasts at Islamic University campus..

Twin Blasts in Islamabad, Schools and Colleges will remain close.. We have seen past two weeks as simply the “bloodiest”.
Attack on GHQ, Peshawer Blast, and today twin blasts in a University in Islamabad in which unfortunately 4 are reported dead.
The situation of our Country is getting worse day by day rather than getting better. There is always fear when getting out of your home that will you get back safely or not.In todays blast innocent people have died in which 3 were students and one staff of the campus.
Its becoming a routine for us plus hum bhi khud itney kminey ho gai ha k ek ghar se jinaza uth ruha tha and we were happy our facbk status were like k its good we dont  have to goto school thorey din ki chuti and its good k meri University door thin stuff like that (imnot pointing or blaming anyone but im including myself as well) showing disunity between our nation not only after todays blast but hur such violent act hamarey liay mazaq hota ha we should think about those families in which thier beloved have lost thier lives and think (God forbid)it happensto someone from our family.

We strongly condemn these acts of violence and May God bless those innocent who lost thier precious live
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