Pakistan lost to Australia on purpose...?

"Pakistan lost to Australia on purpose" and Captain Younas Khan, Coach Inthikhab Alam and Chairman Ijaz have been called for investigation.
However we dont know whether this statement is right or wrong but it seems pretty lame.The match seemed to be fair as Australia won the match on the last ball and required one run which was  luck if the batsmen would have missed the ball Pakistan would have won the match.I think they fought till the last ball... to let the Indian team in.Secondly our country enjoys creating such controversies (especially after watching saas bahu drama series :p).However im not taking anyones side plus im not blaming anyone but cricket is a sport and part of entertainment and politics should not be involved in it. If we want to create such issues and controversies it is very easy for us as like we can start the topic that in the semi final one of our batsmen was declared lbw but replays showed the batsman had hit the ball but cmon we need to grow up and should focus on solving major issues of our nation such as unemployment,crime etc rather then creating issues and discussing about Meera ki shaadi or Cricket.
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