11 Days to go....

11 days to go for Independence day.........
It took about two hundred years of resistance, pleading and struggle to win our freedom. Pakistan came into being 62 years ago. The night was the night of power during Ramadan 1947.
To do list for all Pakistanis Reading this post (for 14 August) :

"Jhunda on roof"
"Jhunda on Car/bike/Cycle"
"Buy green T-Shirts"
"Buy Pakistani Flag Badges"
"Download Some National Songs"
"Plan a bar bq with friends/family on 14th"
"Visit Quaids Tomb"

Make everything green by lighting , putting flags or by just doing anything and spread the Word.
We should pray and believe from this day and onwards that there would be no violence or fight in the future with anyone and no differences between us and there would be no enmity among any of the nations through out the world and by doing this we, "Pakistanis" will be an example for all nations in the world.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Happy Independence Day in Adv!!!
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