We'll Rock You!!

Excitment commenced amongst the youngsters as the days for the "Chapal cup" [i sure wonder what the lads were thinking whilst naming their company CHAPAL] closed up, but after the unfortunate incident at Lahore, the Cup was handed over to UAE, who has never had an official international team but the enthausiasm they hold for cricket is no less than any other country. The 5 day ODI series is being played between Pakistan and Australia at neutral venues of Sheikh Zayed stadium in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Sports City Cricket ground in dubai. The present score is 1-1 each. A match is being played today in Abu Dhabi, who do you think will snatch the glory tonight? Australians who were once upon a time the most feared team on pitch or Pakistan, an old legendary team recovering from a major loss? While you decide, ill get my popcorns and settle down for the much awaited match *fingers crossed*
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